angola waves



angola waves
The high season for waves in Angola starts in May, with the beginnig of Cacimbo, the winter or dry season and lasts until mid-October. Its consistency is great and during this period it's rare to spend a day without catching any waves.
To this day, there only 20 know surf spots, which make Angola a country with a practically virgin coast.
The most famous waves are world class and most days you will be alone in the sea, making it and ideal destination for those who enjoy "crowdless" vacations.


angola waves
Cabo Ledo beach is the most frequented by surfers and is baptized by its regulars as The Surfers Beach. here you can enjoy a wave almost perpendicular to the beach and that rolls through the extension of the whole bay. This makes reaching the peak much easier and is a feature that you will find in many other beaches in Angola.
Located near a fishing village, 120km from Luanda, Cabo Ledo is one of the mosy important areas for tourism and offers nowadays first-class accommodation. Beyond the surf, adventure is everywhere, with beautiful paths to cross, totally virgin climbing spots and highly developed animal life.


angola waves
Located 340km from Luanda, Sumbe is one of the main cities in Angola. Their waves were discovered recently by local surfers and proved to be another great surf destination. Here you will find several bays and capes with perfect point lefts waiting for new surfers. This destination will provide you a amazing experience, where you can camp on the beach, under the stars, listening to the waves sound in perfect communion with nature.


angola waves
Namibe is located in one the world oldest desert areas. It offers you an amazing variety of waves, you can choose what fits you better.
The famous Tombwa wave is located in here, it is considered the most desired angolan wave because of its Skeleton Bay resemblance (Namibia).
Here you can find an extensive wildlife, almost every day (during season) you can spot whales and seals. It is a perfect unexplored paradise that will please surfers and fishing affectionate.